Streng hemogen

Hematopoietic System Strengthing Formula


This product contains the most efficiently absorbed source of heme iron concentrate.
Heme iron is an excellent source of available iron to maintain and increase
hemoglobin levels, not influenced by other dietary components and without
gastrointestinal tract irritation or other side effects.
Experiments confirmed edible divalent or trivalent iron ion does not contribute to elevate hemoglobin, inorganic iron absorption efficiency of other product is 15% , and this product is up to 20-35%.
This product intake three hours will increase serum iron concentration, so this product can be quickly and effectively improve the symptoms of anemia.


(on an empty stomach)
Cats: 1/2 tablet for each day
Dogs: Less than 10lbs, 1/2 tablet for each day, 10-20lbs, 1 tablet for each day, 20-40lbs,
2 tablet for each day, 40-80lbs, 3 tablets for each day, Over 80lbs, 4 tablets for each
day, It is preferable to give half dose in the morning and half dose in the evening


(per capsule contains)
Heme Iron containing 2% organic iron……249 mg
Silicon dioxide……0.5 mg
Magnesium stearate……0.5 mg


Store at temperature controlled room