The VPower brand was made in 2001 by a crowd of people who are loving animals with passion as veterinary, pharmacy and food manufacturing expert worked together to create a better and healthy product for companion animals, also reviewed the latest report of practical formula in the world to develop the all serial product.




Over years

4 types in serial product :

Powder remedy : Natural Bone Meal Powder, Brewer Yeast Powder, Elimintephos, Lerpeslys, Natural Lactoferrin Powder, Natural Multi-Vitamin Powder.

The powder remedy is focus on great palatability and naturally absorption without chemical composition.

Pastille remedy : Strengtheart, Strengthjoint, Strengthrenal, Natural Papaya Tablets, Strengliver Plus.

The pastille remedy is focus on natural antioxidant formula and medical treatment efficacy instead of palatability.

Capsule remedy : StrenLumbrokinase Plus.

The capsule remedy is developed for special medical treatment.

Liquid remedy : Ear Drying Gel, DentalCare, Herb Microbial Spray, Deodorant Spray.

The liquid remedy is focus on non-irritating and improving medical treatment efficacy.

For the honor we will stand in principle of pet safety and medical treatment efficacy to develop new product continually.

Powder remedy

Pastille remedy

Capsule remedy

Liquid remedy

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