Natural Multi-Vitamin Powder

Health Strengthen Formula with Lutein and Beta-carotene. For Dog, Cat and Small Mammals.


The key function of nutrients, like vitamins in an animal body is to serve as essential components in important chemical reactions.

There are 13 different know vitamins, each have a key role to play in animal bodies. There are at least 18 minerals that are needed for the formation of bones and blood, also good for maintain of normal cell function.

Multi-Vitamin powder provides animals with a balance of 13 key vitamins, essential minerals, Beta-carotene and Lutein, each day to support a healthy lifestyle.

Taking high quality multi-vitamins and mineral serve as the foundation of a nutritional supplementation program.

Multi-Vitamin powder with Lacto-Base and fatty acid of spray-dried BHA and BHT originating from animals and vegetables.

Sold Exclusively Through Veterinarian


Spoonful ( 5g ) per day

● Small mammals 1/2~1 spoonful

● Puppy & Kitten 1~2

● Dog & Cat 2~3

● Large dog 3~5

Storage : Store at controlled temperature room


( Every kg contains )

Vitamin A 0.6 g, Vitamin C 15 g, Vitamin E 0.6 g, Vitamin B1 0.6 g, Vitamin B6 0.6 g, Vitamin B12 0.6 g, Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) 3 g, Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) 12 g, Lutein 1.5 g, FOS 0.2 g, Glucose powder 464 g, Milk powder 181 g, Corn starch 320 g, Beta-carotene 0.3 g


Multi-Vitamin Powder may be administered orally as a treat or crumbled and mixed with food.